Get Lit Stay Lit

Resilient restaurants for the future of New Orleans

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Get Lit Stay Lit is our plan to crowd-fund and install solar panels and batteries on neighborhood restaurants in New Orleans.

With this, we can create a de-centralized network of solar-powered resilient restaurants, or as we call them “Stay Lits.”

This way, when the Hurricane comes and knocks off the power, a Stay Lit restaurant can keep their freezers, ice machines, and refrigerators running.  

Stay Lits can become the first responders for our community. Providing the best meals, cooling stations for elders, ice for elders, cell-phone charging stations, while helping fight food waste (which releases methane, a very harmful gas that is 10x worse than carbon dioxide).

We need these located in the areas of our city where folks are more likely to not evacuate (due to financial hardship). We all know that disasters reveal our nation's inequality. The poor can’t evacuate a hurricane as easily as the rich. They cannot afford a generator. They will be the first to become hungry.

Stay Lit helps solve issues around:

  • Food waste (methane)
  • Hunger
  • Cooling stations
  • Phone charging
  • Job interruption
  • Supply chains
  • Climate (year-round)

A 40k solar panel system and two Tesla solar batteries can power a restaurant.

They can keep the fridge and freezer running when the power goes out.

That restaurant can immediately begin cooking food for their neighborhood.

Rather than a few food-locations around the city, we can pre-plan these solar powered resilient restaurants around the city—especially in the most vulnerable neighborhoods where there is a higher percentage of poverty (i.e. more people unable to evacuate). When other restaurants need to find a place to bring their food supply before it goes to waste we can solve that. When people need ice - ice machines can be working.

Ever-green funding streams

The best food in Louisiana is found in the mom n pop neighborhood spots. These can become resilient hurricane-ready restaurnts when we raise 60k for the installation of this technology—we also enable a restaurant to save hundreds of dollars each month on energy. Those savings can go towards helping create more and more resilient hurricane ready restaurants around the Gulf South and East Coast—fighting food waste, human suffering, and climate change. Food waste = releases methane and monthly energy savings can create built in funding streams.

Become a monthly Stay Lit donor and help us build a more resilient New Orleans - for the people.


Add some key press (how we survive podcast, Washington post, Louisiana considered)

Add “become a shining 300 business sponsor” – I’ll send details, basically, I wanna recruit 300 businesses that get profiled on our site + a social media post for 3k contribution. They will help us create 12 “stay lits” a year in New Orleans.

Round up ( to the sun )– a restaurant campaign. Rounding up to create small support streams for the program. I will work to recruit restaurants.

Sunshine Fest – I’ll get some pics from Ryan from the first one. We can recruit sponsors for year 2.

Map of “stay lits” – eventually as we add them – we can celebrate success that way + show where they are in nola.

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