Safety Net for Culture

"Food Love" - a stronger safety-net for New Orleans culture.

Feed the Second Line partners with Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs across New Orleans to identify culture bearers and elders who can use a little support....

We like to support through "food love" which is our way of showing our appreciation to the culture bearers by purchasing groceries...

Working in partnership with Winn Dixie, we have developed a shopping list of 500 essential items - pretty much anything you would need. We ask our recipients to choose around 100 items, which is often around 400$ of groceries... we then buy exactly what they asked for + delivered to their door by volunteers.

Since we began, we have purchase over $200,000 worth of groceries  for 137 culture-bearer familes!

*we buy groceries for the same folks over-and-over again. This can create a lasting impact as they are able to save money – since an essential cost (food) is covered. We have selected which culture bearers to support based on recommendations from various cultural groups that we have partnered with like Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs, Baby Doll groups, and Mardi Gras Indian Tribes. Additionally, when we buy groceries for someone, we give them an extensive shopping list and let them choose 80ish items. This is not random food in a box – but a respectful way to deliver customized “food love”.