Stay Lit: Resilient Restaurants for the Future of New Orleans

Our new project in partnership with Glass Half Full to bring solar power and batteries to our neighborhood restaurants.
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United by
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New Orleans

Can you imagine New Orleans without brass bands, Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs, or Mardi Gras Indians? Neither can we. Feed the Second Line is building a stronger safety net for our city’s culture and creating opportunity for those who make our city a vibrant place to live and visit.

The People
that create
the culture

New Orleans has long dealt with poverty and inequality. And much of our city’s cultural legacy comes from neighborhoods with long-standing resource shortages. We buy and deliver groceries for culture bearers to help preserve their household wealth. Over time, this creates equity for our city and allows the culture to thrive.

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Do you love the culture of New Orleans? Become a monthly donor of Feed the Second Line and help us build up support for  the culture creators of New Orleans. Your support is love and can help fortify and preserve our city's amazing culture.

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Winn Dixie

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Bentson Foundation
Big O's Original Popsicle Lounge
Camellia Beans
Crystal Hot Sauce
Hotel Peter & Paul
Market Umbrella
Mojo Coffee House
Mose Mary & Me
Westridge Foundation
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