About Feed the Second Line

After the success of Feed the Front Line NOLA, the Krewe of Red Beans has joined forces with Rouses Markets, Market Umbrella (operators of the Crescent City Farmers Market), the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic & Assistance Foundation, and the Preservation Hall Foundation to form Feed the Second Line.

Feed the Second Line seeks to provide food-love and employment to our culture-bearers: musicians, Mardi Gras Indians, Social Aid & Pleasure Club members, artists, and other cultural figures in the New Orleans community. We pair older, more vulnerable musicians and artists with their younger counterparts to assist them with shopping for their groceries and household needs. The benefits are two-fold: providing much needed groceries for free to the venerated culture-bearers of our great city, with contactless delivery to protect them from public exposure during the pandemic, while providing employment to the younger generation losing weeks, possibly months, of paying gigs.


Christian Davenport (Cubs the Poet)

Since 1989, I have been writing poems. Later in life, I studied psychology in school and began thinking for myself. It wasn't long before I decided to study life outside of the classroom. I began typing poems on a typewriter, in the middle of the French Quarter on Royal Street, in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am now working on my first book, "What I Did With My Free Time". while also being the first Poet Laureate of Baton Rouge, La.

Evan Goodberry

Evan is a software developer who builds some of the behind-the-scenes technology that allows the #feedthefrontline movement to adapt to new challenges.

Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall has been teaching science for 16 years. Throughout her career she’s worked with students of all ages. For the past 6 years she’s been educating 8th grade students at the International School of Louisiana. As a veteran science teacher, with a passion for her career and subject, she has expanded her time to be the Science Department head. As the State standards have begun to change to phenomenon based learning with a focus on project based teaching, Ms. Marshall has been leading the lower school students and teachers in this pursuit of collaborative change; while continuing to inspire her 8th grade scientists. Karen is a member of the Krewe of Redbeans and has been for the last two years.

Devin De Wulf

Devin is a stay at home dad of two, a parade-organizer, and food-lover. He is married to a wonderful ER-doctor, Annelies, who works at University Medical Center in New Orleans.