About Feed the Second Line

Feed the Second Line is non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the culture bearers of New Orleans. We seek to build a more equitable city by creating opportunity for the people that make it a vibrant place. 

We support culture bearers by purchasing groceries and other essentials, we create job opportunities for culture-bearers, we provide general support for those who make our city culturally rich place.

We believe that all people are inherently creative. Our definition of culture bearer is broad and inclusive of a wide range of creative practices, both formal and informal — all of which make New Orleans a magical place to live and visit. 

How We Started

Initially, we were concerned about our elder culture bearers catching COVID at the grocery store. In particular, New Orleans legends like Al "Carnival Time" Johnson and Mr. Benny Jones, leader of the Treme Brass Band. Recognizing that much of New Orleans culture is created by regular folks, we wanted to support others who make our city's vibrant street culture - baby dolls, Black Masking Indians, Second lines, musicians, and more.

We thought buying groceries for folks would help protect our culture during COVID... but also creating well-paying gig-work opportunities for musicians, who lost much of their earning opportunities.

Buying someone's groceries also has tremendous power to fight income inequality. And we believe that our city's culture bearers must supported so they can continue to make the culture we all love. Groceries are a way to say "Thank you" for all the years of culture they have created.