Send Food-Love to the second line

Keep New Orleans' local restaurants and farm-to-table networks open for business while supporting the people who make New Orleans great. Select a donation amount below to show your love for the musicians, Mardi Gras Indians, Social Aid & Pleasure Club members, artists, and other cultural figures throughout New Orleans.
Alex Kilburn is a painter, muralist, illustrator, and designer, living and working in the French Quarter. She works in a variety of painting media including oil, acrylic, gouache, and house paint, and her painting style varies widely according to the chosen media. Her work emphasizes the strength of femininity and nature, attempting to offer space for peace (particularly in these times of great national strife). We love Alex's interpretation of Queen Tahj! Price includes standard shipping.
Queen Tahj by Alex Kilburn
We're thrilled to have partnered with Crystal Hot Sauce - to re-create their iconic bottle in Mardi Gras Indian Beadwork. This also helped us create work for a culture-creator, in this case, Spy Boy Rashaud Brown of the Young Seminole Hunters. This shirt is a printed reproduction of the beadwork. Proceeds from this shirt will support our effort with Feed the Second Line. Price includes standard shipping.
Crystal Hot Sauce Tee
We are excited to release a new beadwork design - celebrating Pizza Delicious! Pizza Delicious, located in the Bywater neighborhood, is a beloved local spot serving New York style pizza. The beadwork was created by Alicia, who lives just around the corner from Pizza D. The original piece is also available (email us to connect with Alicia).
Pizza D Tee
We are excited to launch another t-shirt design! This one is a collaboration with the amazing New Orleans funk band Galactic! At the very end of 2018, Galactic purchased the famous New Orleans nightclub, Tipitina's. "Tips" is one of the most important music venues in our city. At the time, many were grateful that a local band had saved the venue by purchasing it from the previous owner (who had become broiled in scandal) Now, as COVID has shuttered all music venues in New Orleans - Tipitina's is in danger. The doors have been shuttered since March and there is no telling when they will again host live music. With this t-shirt we will be splitting our donations with Tipitina's! 50% of this shirt will go to Feed the Second Line's work of "making groceries" for the elder culture-bearers.... 50% will help Tipitina's survive COVID ! The design was created by Mr. Marvin Balise, a member of the Wild Magnolia. the original is available as well, just email us to find out more! (50/50 split between Tips and Feed the Second Line)
Tipitina's Tee
As Hurricane Laura bears down on Southwest Louisiana and East Texas – we now send our best wishes to those communities that find themselves in danger. Many wonderful parts of our state will suffer terrible damage in the next few days. But after the storm passes, we will likely see the assembly of informal “Cajun Navy’s” - private citizens bringing out their boats to search-and-rescue for any neighbors. The resiliency and community spirit of Louisiana is strong. With that in mind, we show our solidarity with this new design, a symbol of Louisiana resiliency. The shrimp-boot. The original beadwork was done by Big Chief Bo Dollis Jr of the Wild Magnolias – and the original is available. Proceeds from this shirt will be split 50/50 between our effort “Feed the Second Line” and the recovery efforts in Southwest Louisiana. A small way to pay-it-forward.
Shrimp Boot Tee
September 10, 2020 was a bittersweet day for our city. The Treme neighborhood—the spiritual center of much of our city's unique culture—laid to rest Mr. Slyvester Francis, who for many years documented and preserved the Second Line and Black Masking traditions. Mr. Francis was a friend of our krewe, and for many years, our parade ended at his museum. As they say here, "gone but never forgotten." Mr. Slyvester will be honored with a traditional New Orleans Jazz Funeral today—and all the honor and love his life deserves. In New Orleans culture death often becomes a celebration of life. Today and every day, we celebrate Mr. Slyvester and his neighborhood, the Treme. We are excited to release this beadwork design, a recreation of the band-leader hat that you would see with the traditional brass bands. This hat, of course, is for the Treme Brass Band. It's handmade by Jeremy Stevenson of the Monogram Hunters Mardi Gras Indian Tribe. Originals are available - and proceeds will be shared between the Treme Brass Band and Feed the Second Line. It's a beautiful piece and is available for your home! Just send us an email to inquire.
Treme Brass Band Tee
Panorama is one of the finest klezmer jazz band in New Orleans, and they parade with the Krewe of Red Beans. The original hat is available for sale too—created by Jeremy Stevenson of the Monogram Hunters M.G. Indian Tribe (email us for details). 100% of the proceeds from the shirt will go to the band-members.
Panorama Jazz Band Tee
Now that it's fall, it's time to boil some seafood! This design by Mr. Dow Edwards celebrates the magic of spice - Zatarains Crawfish, Shrimp, and Crab boil to be specific!
Zatarains Tee
One of our favorite family-owned and operated businesses in New Orleans. This beadwork design by Charles Jones shows the iconic bag of red kidney beans - a culinary staple of New Orleans. The original beadwork is available as well, just email us!
Camellia Beans Tee
One of our favorite family-owned and operated businesses in New Orleans. This beadwork design by Charles Jones shows the iconic bag of red kidney beans - a culinary staple of New Orleans. The original beadwork is available as well, just email us!
Dancing Man Tee
7th Ward Santa - honoring Mr. Fred Parker
7th Ward Santa - honoring Mr. Fred Parker