Tipitina's Tee

We are excited to launch another t-shirt design! This one is a collaboration with the amazing New Orleans funk band Galactic! At the very end of 2018, Galactic purchased the famous New Orleans nightclub, Tipitina's. "Tips" is one of the most important music venues in our city. At the time, many were grateful that a local band had saved the venue by purchasing it from the previous owner (who had become broiled in scandal) Now, as COVID has shuttered all music venues in New Orleans - Tipitina's is in danger. The doors have been shuttered since March and there is no telling when they will again host live music. With this t-shirt we will be splitting our donations with Tipitina's! 50% of this shirt will go to Feed the Second Line's work of "making groceries" for the elder culture-bearers.... 50% will help Tipitina's survive COVID ! The design was created by Mr. Marvin Balise, a member of the Wild Magnolia. the original is available as well, just email us to find out more! (50/50 split between Tips and Feed the Second Line)

$ 40.00 
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